The Lauragais
Simply stunning
What to see
There are a wealth of villages and small towns to see in the Lauragais, even if you are only in the area for a couple of days there are some wonderful sites to visit.  Since the area isn't huge (it takes just over an hour to get from Toulouse to Carcassonne) it is easy to see many of the hidden gems.  Some of our favourites are listed below.
  • Auriac - sur - Vendinelle
  • Avignonet
  • Caraman
  • Canal du Midi
  • Lac St Ferreol
  • Les Casses
  • Le Vaux
  • Nailloux
  • Revel
  • St Felix Lauragais
  • St Julia
  • St Papoul
  • St Rome
  • Seuil de Narouze
  • Soreze
We recommend Le Moulin Pastelier Chambres d'Hotes (Bed and Breakfast) in Belesta en Lauragais as a perfect base for touring the area of the Lauragais. 

Of course, you shouldn't over look a visit to Toulouse and Carcassonne. Carcassonne is a citadel set up above the River Aude. The town city is actually made up of three cities La Cite, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site , it is made up of the castle and walled town. There is also the Medieval lower town, which is home to a bustling market Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. There are also some very lovely shops including a fabulous delicatessen. The third part is the new town which really doesn't offer much of interest to a visitor on holiday! La Cite can be incredibly busy during school holidays as it is the 3rd most visited site in France. Also in the quiet months around the winter it can appear to be almost deserted.

Toulouse is a fantastically vibrant city, it is called La Ville Rose, the city is awash with a pink glow as the sun sets on the Toulousain bricks. It is a very accessible city, with a big open square - Place du Capitole and lots of interesting smaller squares and cobbled streets leading from there. It always has a great atmosphere, as it effortlessly combines Fench style with a more relaxed Spanish attitude. The market at Victor Hugo (except Mondays) offers a great range of fresh food and it is a real treat to eat in one of the restaurants above the market, the food is wonderful. Due to the universities in Toulouse there is quite an interesting feel to the city, trendy and young, yet with real old world glamour.

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